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Your Premed Life -- All In One Place.

PREMED.me is a utility that helps you organize and manage several aspects of your premedical life.
Here's just some of what you can do:

Find Your Story.

Make your interviews and stand out by sorting your courses and extracurriculars in a way that highlights how they shaped you into a strong applicant.

Optimize Your MCAT Prep.

Use one of our pre-made study plans or create your own, based on any of the 20+ commonly used resources in our database.

Track Your GPA Goals.

Automatically calculate your AMCAS GPA and figure out what grades you need to get to hit your GPA target.

Kill Your Interviews

Work on developing thoughtful responses to practice questions that you’re likely to encounter during interviews and on application essays.

Find The Right School For You.

View graphs comparing your stats to each medical school. Save money during the application process by researching which schools are a good fit.

Get Better Reference Letters.

Give your references a customized summary of your profile. This helps them know you better, makes their job easier, and makes for stronger, more personal LORs.

Remember Important Contacts

The network you build now will be the key to a successful application years later. Make notes on who you'll want to be in touch with, and why.

...and even more tools to help you build your strongest med school application. Without all the headaches.

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