MCAT STUDY SCHEDULE: Your go-to resource for the big exam

Drag resources to the calendar to create your study schedule. (Click to enlarge)

Determining how you will study for the MCAT is almost as daunting as studying for the exam itself! There are plenty of resources out there and depending on your background, you may need to focus more attention on certain areas. Creating a study schedule that is specifically customized to your needs can maximize your chances of success on the big exam.

Here at, we decided to make this process as easy as possible. We’ve taken the most commonly used MCAT study materials and broken them down by chapter and section. Using our calendar tool, you can click and drag resources by chapter to create a personalized schedule. This will allow you to plan your studying over a variable time frame and most importantly keep track of your study progress. Can’t finish the Examkrackers Biology Lecture 3 today? No problem, drag it to the next available timeslot. Decide you need to add another resource to your repertoire? Go ahead! It’s as easy as a click and a drag.


For those looking for a little more guidance, we’ve spent the time and analyzed some of the most popular study schedules on the Internet to come up with our suggested 3-month study plan. We’ve had a few premeds test this schedule out over the past summer and it seems to work very well! If you’ve made a study schedule using a different time frame or a different set of resources, share it with us via [email protected] and we’ll make it available to all users!

Just click the Calendar link on the Dashboard and you’re ready to get started. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

If you have any suggestions for other resources you’d like to see listed, send an email to [email protected], and we’ll have them up as soon as possible.


FIND YOUR STORY: The key to memorable applications and interviews

Too often, medical school applicants sell themselves short by not recognizing the value in their experiences. It often takes a couple application cycles to realize that to get in, you must tell a compelling story about yourself.

Jorge Chien, a medical school admission committee member, told us that “I’ve conducted so many interviews where applicants couldn’t explain the significance of their extracurriculars, and left valuable experiences off their application entirely. We want people who are self-aware and can tell an interesting story about themselves. These are the ones we remember.”

Everyone has a story, and making sure your personal statement, essays, and interviews are memorable can be the difference between medical student and reapplicant. employs a unique system that helps you realize and relay the significance of your experiences. Here’s how:

Tag the info you enter on your profile

View Your Story Sorted by Tags

Export your story for personal use, or to give to reference writers